Text #14


“Away When You Were Here” by Ben Folds Five


Color Melancholy Lighting Design

Isaac Shaw
THEA 3400-002
Music concept #14

After many listening sessions of “Away When You Were Here” by Ben Folds I chosen to go with an overview colorful melancholy theme with the accompanying lighting design. The songs lyric content by itself is cinematic and gloomy, but the melodic structure of the musical bed is a happier symphonic piece that seems to float alongside the listener. The contrast between the two song elements creates a juxtaposition between emotions that the lighting design is rooted in. The primary element featured in the lighting design is a melancholy set of color palette with contrasting key and kills. The background color palette fluctuates between cool blues, greens and lavenders to create a richer depth and sense of movement. The foreground fluctuates between cool blue, lavender, and warm ambers to support the storyline in various sections. The primary key angles I have chosen for this design is side and down with needed fill originating from the front angles. The side angles create a flattering modeling on the body that draws focus into the illuminates subject. Since the background is typically rich with color the down lights further separate the foreground and background ensuring the talent still remains a primary element in the composition. The color contrast between the foreground and background also furthers creates depth in the composition. Additionally, the cyc lighting is used during the biggest parts of the musical composition as a feature point to develop a larger environment. The cyc also, allows the background to created even more color gradients making more movement in the compositions. The musical composition features periods of intimate focus on the lead and as well as open instrumental melodies sections. To accent these elements the lighting design incorporates compositions with tightly focused beams as well as scenes with a wash of soft light. Overall, the lighting design creates a melancholy atmosphere without losing visual interest that leaves room for the talent to performance uninhibited.

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Colorful sad forrest


purple blue abstract

purple blue gradiant


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