I have come to realize its not always the good gear that makes good products, per-say. It matters more that you can can imagine and create to your fullest extent. That being said I do enjoy seeing what the industry and other artist use and possess.
While my gear, tastes, and resources constantly change you can check out some of my gear below.


Apple Mac Pro 2008

8-core 3GHZ
Geforce GTX 285
Geforce GT 120
16TB Storage
Dual disc drives
SSHD boot
4 display monitor set up

Apple Mac Pro 2006

Quad-Core 2.66 GHZ
ATI X1900 
dual display 

Various Display’s

Apple Cinema
Dell IN series
HP 2310

Wacom Bamboo graphics pen

8.50″ x 5.40″
1024 pressure levels

Sonnet Allegro USB PCI Card

SeaGate & Western Digital Desktop Harddrives

Assortment of software

Apple,Adobe,Davinci, etc… 

Canon 6D body

20.2 MP
1080p HD Videlo
Full Frame

Canon T2i body

18 MP
1080p HD Video


Canon 18-55mm F3.5
Canon 75-300 F4
Canon 50mm F1.8

SanDisk Extreme SDHC Cards (16-32GB)

 Various filters

NW680/TT680 Flash

Fig Rig


6000PG Tripod

Go Pro Hero 3 Silver

1080p HD Video 

Saffire Pro 40 digital interface

Furman 80a signal rounter

FXR Multi-effects unit


32 Band EQ’s

Assortment of Shure and Nevatone mics


Shaw Audio Full Tilt 30

Check out SHAW AUDIO to check out our list of guitar related gear.

Various Guitars

Epiphone Dot
Bluesman Strat
Ed Beaver Tele
Shaw Tele
Fender Lead II

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