CEO – Isaac Shaw

Isaac Shaw has had roots in technologically based work since a very young age. When younger he first started exploring the technological world working on the family computer and studying his father Kevin, now CEO at Shaw Audio, working on cellular tower equipment, and watching his mother design various visual and graphical art. This helped grow his abilities both as a technician and a designer, this lead to many phone calls to Isaac from family and friends for computer and design assistance. Years later Isaac began volunteering and designing stage lighting at a local church plant, and later began creating and designing still and motion graphics for the church. Isaac then began collecting and purchasing the fundamental gear to start exploring the field outside of the church work. Isaac began improve his skills through experimentation and various classes. In high-school, Isaac decided to partake in the media program starting up at Wilson Central High-school, where he was quickly put in the senior editorial position. This program allowed Isaac to network and experiment with various video and audio production set ups with many other people in the same field. Isaac is currently in his senior year at Wilson Central High-school. He currently works at Shaw Audio INC as the head of technology and marketing as well as a freelance video/photographer and I.T. support, as well as a full time student at Middle Tennessee State University. Isaac plans to push the boundaries of technology and art in the future of Isaac Shaw Studios and would be honored if you help and watch while his journey unfolds.


Isaac Shaw Studios Business Cards

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