Top tools to help you get through college


This is the best thing I have stumbled across for college by far. All you need is your textbook isbn number and it will search multiple websites/retailers to find the book you need at the cheapest price possible.


  1. Istudiez app

This app allows one to input all classes, teachers, and assignments and to receive reminders and push notifications about upcoming work and classes. It also will sync together with multiple devices and computers. It will even give you a rough estimate of your class grade and GPA, a must have for students.


-free lite version

-2.99 full version




  1. Evernote

This is my personal favorite note taking application. Allows for audio recording and note taking simultaneously and separate notebooks to keep classes organized separately. Also syncs automatically with multiple devices.







  1. Valoreebooks

Seems to be one of the cheapest online book retailers that I found for my particular textbook needs.


  1. Thriftbooks

Does not typically have textbooks but is usually the best place to find any other reading material. (Ex. Nonfiction History reading)


  1. Word/Pages

Both the Apple Microsoft word processor work extremely well and do everything that is needed to crank out those late night papers.

pages-icon-100066664-largeWord icon

Apple Pages- $9.99

Microsoft word 365- $12.50 pre monthly




  1. Fara

The Fara app allows one to track multiple packages from any different shipping companies. Good for when you have a lot of books or other things coming to your house all at the same thing.








  1. Puffin browser

This is an awesome web browser that will support flash based web material. It is an awesome tool to have accessible. Where this comes in handy for college is most of the online class courses are flash based (ex. MyMathLab) and this will let one run it on any IOS device anywhere on campus.




 9.Study Room

I have just recently joined this new and exciting app. This app allows for students in the same class/course/school talk to one another and send files in regards to any given class. Great idea for an app.




More Apps and Technology to be added later!



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